I am inspired by taking time and connecting with myself on a daily basis, by honestly listening and looking at what is presenting. How do I feel? Am I living my truth? How can I respond in authenticity and truth?
I believe that our body, our inner Self, has all the answers. When I listen to this inborn wisdom, the scattered mind of pros and cons becomes irrelevant, only one answer arises. To follow this inner truth gives ownership and creates a life of happiness and peace.
In my work as a masseuse and teacher, I feel privileged to create a space where the mind becomes still, and the body is able to be heard. I support people to hold space for themselves, to listen to how they feel now, in this present moment, and to meet what emerges.
I envision a world where we acknowledge and welcome every part of ourselves – a world where we feel whole and live our innermost truth in harmony with others.

I’m a Dutch girl who started off as a filmmaker in Amsterdam. My journey to amore holistic and peaceful life commenced in 2010 when my guide Lili, a Taoist master, took me under her wing. This 5-year training changed my life. Her teachings included Qi Gong, Massage, Meditation and Inquiry work. Through these practices, I re-sensitised my body and learned to do less to achieve more. Ever since, they have become part of my daily life.
When I became a mother, my family of three left the Netherlands for an amazing sailing adventure that took us to the South Pacific. After two and a half years, we arrived in New Zealand and decided to settle. My partner is currently building us a house and a yoga studio in the wonderful community of Whitianga.
In this country, I have started to embody my life purpose – becoming a yoga teacher and body worker while integrating the Taoist teachings that are now integral to my life.