What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is an exceptionally gentle, non-invasive and yet powerful form of treatment that restores the body’s inherent health. It works on all levels – the physical, mental and emotional, and on all that we don’t see but carry with us.

Often this therapy does more than resolving the initial issue that brings a person to see the practitioner. For example, someone has hip problems, but migraines and that odd ache in the ankle disappear as well. Or someone comes in with PTSD; those symptoms disappear quickly, but a sharp pain in the shoulders and asthma come up, which are related to an emotion that’s been held onto and are resolved with some more sessions. 

How does it work?

All structures in the body (the different organs, all individual bones, the nervous system, fluids, etc.) have a specific rhythmic motion. When you have an injury or when you experience trauma, there are changes in these natural rhythmic movements, which are recognized by the experienced practitioner.

You can look at an impact or trauma as a force that enters the body. This can be something small like hurting your toe or as big as a car accident, but it can also be psychological abuse or loss. This force leaves an imprint at a cellular level – it creates tension or stagnation. Luckily the body is resilient and will find ways to work around the stagnated movement; however, doing so compromises the optimal flow and health.

As BCST practitioners, we are skilled to carefully listen to these fluctuations. The body’s natural search for the most effortless/efficient way to express itself does the rest. Tension resolves and the structures find their natural way of movement back. Homeostasis is improved.

What to expect during your visit?

A Craniosacral Therapy session usually lasts about an hour. On the first visit, we sit and discuss what has brought you here, also your past injuries, operations and known traumas experienced.

You then lie on the treatment table, fully clothed, usually on your back or side. I will make gentle contact with your body, generally starting at your ankles and moving to other parts of the body if needed. Together will explore the sensations expressing in your body. 

As your awareness amplifies, you are able to notice the tensions and deeply held restrictions. These are unconscious and habitual. When your brain becomes conscious of them, it can create change. Clients report noticing feelings of release, small movements and adjustments as well as temperature changes and a deep sense of relaxation or relief.