Receive the gift of gentle touch

My background in Massage comes from Cultural Bodywork – a combination of the ancient healing arts from the cultures of Oceania (Hawaiian – Māori – Aboriginal).These cultures have developed their own individual and unique way of healing the body, mind and soul, with greatest reverence and respect for the greater Whole.

Cultural bodywork is a combination of their ancient ways. It is performed in constant motion around the client and uses a body mapping system that reconnects
body flow lines.

Ka’aleleau – Flight of the Navigator

The base of Cultural bodywork is a dance-like movement called: Ka’aleleau –Flight of the Navigator. Following these movements and breathing, the practitioner has a beautiful rhythm or flow in her massage work, which allows the client to come to deep relaxation. At the same time, the body is being restored by releasing tension and bringing it back into alignment.

I deeply enjoy giving massages. For me, it is a meditative practice in which I connect with the person who is receiving. Everybody holds a different story and it’s a special journey to start listening to what each unique body tells and needs.
The gentle touch of loving hands can be deeply nurturing for the soul and healing any dis-ease in the body.